The 5 Beauty Products You Must Have In Winters

By First Posted: Nov 9, 2008 Sun 9:45 AM Updated: Nov 9, 2008 Sun 9:46 AM
The 5 Beauty Products You Must Have In Winters
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The winters are all set to make an appearance and it’s time to alter your beauty routine, among other things. Winters can make your skin extremely dry, patchy and dull unless you take proper care. It is important to understand that the beauty products you use in the summers may not work for you in these cold and dry months.

Here’s a list of Top 5 Beauty Products that every woman must have at her disposal through the winters….

Body/Facial Scrubs

Many women are under the wrong impression that scrubbing in the winters can give their skin a patchy appearance. Scrubbing is very important even in the winters. Scrubbing your skin with a good product removes all the dead cells and renews the cell growth process. As dead cells are removed, new moisture-rich cells come to the surface and your skin gets a smooth and nourished appearance.

Moisturizer & Cold Cream

The cleansing/moisturizing routine just cannot be ignored in the winters. Unless you want dry patches on your cheeks (where you can scratch your name with your nails), moisturizing is an absolute must! The difference is that in winters your skin needs extra moisture. If you have an oily T-Zone, you can use your regular moisturizer (water based) for this particular area of your skin. But for the rest of your face, you need a moisturizer with extra effect.

If the dryness is too bad, you might want to consider applying a cold cream on the affected areas, every night. Remember, thick creams are not essentially good. In fact, the lipids in thick creams can trap dead cells and give your face a dull look. Applying a serum can give better results as serums are absorbed more easily.

Body Lotion

Yes, a skin care routine is incomplete without the body lotion, in winters. Just like your face, the rest of you is also extremely prone to dryness in winters. So just buy one and pamper yourself with “at-home” spa treatment every night!


Many women believe that if there’s no scorching sun outside, they do not need to wear a sunscreen. Absolutely WRONG! Whether the sun is shining directly in your face, or whether it’s an outcast sky, you should ALWAYS wear a good quality sunscreen. In fact, experts advise people to wear sunscreen even if they have no plans to go outside. Use one with SPF 25-35. Any less than this and the sunscreen will not do its job. If you use one that has a Sun Protection Factor more than 35, the chemicals will definitely take their toll on your skin.


Last, but not the least, Vaseline is the best product you could lay your hands on in winters. For one, you can be assured of soft and youthful feet throughout the winters if you apply a layer of Vaseline ever night! Similarly, applying Vaseline every night can keep your lips pink and soft even through harsh winters.

As the weather is changing, you will have to make slight alterations in your daily life, especially your skin care routine. Through the rest of the year, most women simply ignore their bodies. All the focus is on face care alone. But winters change this habit as each and every part of your skin demands your attention! So buy these products and go give yourself that GLOW!

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