Tough Times For Aishwarya

By First Posted: Nov 2, 2008 Sun 3:13 PM Updated: Nov 3, 2008 Mon 9:55 AM
Tough Times For Aishwarya
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The last few days have been quite tough for the beauty queen, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

No, not because of the slag in her career after marriage. Her career curve is just fine. She has full support from her family and seems quite content with the situation.

But at a more personal level, things aren’t going too well. First, her father-in-law, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan fell ill and had to be hospitalised. And that too on his own birthday!

Media just didn’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation, and clung on to any Bachchan family member they could get hold of, for latest updates.

No sooner did dad-in-law get out of the situation that Aishwarya’s dad, Mr. Krishna Raj Rai had to be hospitalised at Hinduja Hospital! According to the sources, Mr. Rai was taken to the hospital for a regular check-up. Nobody expected that he will have to be admitted immediately.

The sudden course of events has caused a lot of stress to the lady, both physical and mental. Nevertheless, everyone is glad that Aishwarya’s father was admitted in time and will hopefully recover soon.

May God give strength to Aishwarya and her family, and help her father recover soon.

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