Health Tips For The Woman Traveler (Part I)

By First Posted: Oct 13, 2008 Mon 5:49 PM Updated: Oct 13, 2008 Mon 5:55 PM
Health Tips For The Woman Traveler (Part I)
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Rashi often flies to various places in India and abroad for business meetings. She enjoys traveling and always tries to mix business with pleasure on these trips. But her only problem is that she almost ALWAYS falls sick on these trips. Even though she stays at 5-star hotels and resorts, she manages to catch some infection or other!

Do you also travel a lot, for business or pleasure, or both?

If yes, you need to take care of your health while traveling. Falling sick during vacations is NOT NORMAL. Please do not believe it to be a side effect of traveling. With proper care and caution, you can ensure good health while traveling. Here’s how…

Health Insurance

Do you have adequate health insurance? If yes, find out from your provider if it covers you while traveling abroad. Some insurance providers do provide cover during vacations, while some don’t. Start by finding out about this. Consider getting some travel insurance/health insurance that will provide you the needed cover in case of accident/sickness while traveling.

Carry Your Medicines

It is very important to carry medicines that you take regularly or might need. Sometimes the medicine you need may not be available at your destination. So it is advisable to go well prepared.

Also, carry a copy of any prescriptions you need. You should write down the phone numbers of your doctor and spouse/family/friend on a paper. Keep this paper always with you, perhaps in your wallet.

Jet Lag

Traveling through different time zones often makes people sick and tired due to disruption of the body’s rhythmic sleeping-awakening-eating patterns. This is called getting a “Jet Lag” because of the time lag between source and destination of travel. Most people believe that Jet Lag cannot be avoided. But it can!

• Start by setting your watch according to the time zone of your destination. Now act accordingly. If it’s night time, you’ve got to sleep. And if morning is just a few hours away, set your alarm accordingly.

• It is very important to get rest during your flight. If you find it hard to sleep due to lights/noise, you should carry and use aids like eye shades and ear plugs.

• Keep yourself well hydrated throughout the flight.

• Eat properly accordingly to the new time zone you have set on your watch.

• Avoid airplane food. It is always better to carry your own food.

• Avoid sleeping pills. You don’t want to arrive at your destination all bleary eyed and ready to sleep anywhere! This will make you a target for theft and robbery. Also, if you sleep too soundly (due to sleeping pills) during the flight, you will probably not move your body at all. Can’t you see the cramps coming?

In our next article in the series, we will find out more about how women can ensure their “good health” while traveling. Till then, be healthy!

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