Drona Beaten Up, Injured!

By First Posted: Oct 11, 2008 Sat 1:23 PM
Drona Beaten Up, Injured!
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Yesterday was a BIG day in the Bigg Boss house!

After all, it’s not every day that a super hero (and a super star) comes to your house, right? As everyone knows, yesterday was the Eviction Day in the Bigg Boss house. But this week’s eviction had been canceled by Bigg Boss, unknown to the house mates. As Shilpa Shetty pretended to carry out the process of eviction, the inmates were exposed to a rather “handsome” shock!

Abhishek Bachchan & Goldie Behl, the lead actor and producer of the film Drona, made an appearance on Shilpa’s sets. While they chatted away, the inmates in the house were given a task of enacting a Drona fight sequence. Poor Abhishek seemed to be torn between “the desire to laugh” and ‘anger” at the sight of Rahul “Drona” Mahajan being beaten up by Raja.

Later, Abhishek entered the Bigg Boss house carrying a big suitcase. He almost fooled everyone that he was going to stay with them as just another inmate! The housemates were so nice to him that it was really funny. The most endearing of all was Sambhavana Seth’s very obvious admiration for the tall, dark and handsome actor.

As Raja was (pretended to be) evicted this week, he is no longer with the housemates. He is now lodged in a special secret room in the Bigg Boss house, where he can listen to and watch the rest of the inmates, SECRETLY! He will be sent inside the main house after next week’s nominations. Bigg Boss seems to be trying his best to retain Raja, ANYHOW. Why wouldn’t he? After all, Raja is really the most entertaining character in the house. If Raja leaves, the show is finished!

So Raja is enjoying a comfortable stay in the secret room. He has more than enough food and fresh clothes every day. He doesn’t need to do anything, no washing, no cleaning! For now, Raja is being treated like a real RAJA!!!

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