Big Eyes: Back To The 70’s

By First Posted: Oct 6, 2008 Mon 3:55 PM
Big Eyes: Back To The 70’s
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The cyclic fashion hits again… this time right into your face! It’s time to stretch your kohl lines a bit further into the 70’s style!

Big eyes have always been considered beautiful in women and tirchi eyes have always been sexy! In the good old days, makeup did the trick. The eyeliner was extended outwards to make the eyes look big and beautiful.

But in the mid 80’s, the trend reversed, and this style became too loud and overplayed. And now, after almost three decades, hirni jaisi aankhen are back in vogue!

But of course, with in new flavour.

The 70’s look was achieved by stretching eyeliner and kohl lines diagonally up to meet somewhere towards the forehead. The new trend is also similar, with the eye pencil stretching up from the outer corners of the eye in a slight curve that makes your eyes appear larger and sharper.

The new trend is accompanied with a few more frills to jazz up the look and give it a sexier play!

It is coupled with a tender shade of eye shadow that goes with your overall look.

Some makeup artists also combine this style with the smoky eye look to make it look sexier.

And if you are the bold types, you can experiment with different coloured eye pencils or add a bit of sparkles to your eye lids that will draw attention towards your eyes.

The 70’s look eye makeup has found its takers amongst popular Bollywood babes like Deepika Padkone and Bipasha Basu. In fact, it was Deepika who introduced the trend to the other babes around. Her look in the first half of the movie, Om Shanti Om proved to be a trendsetter in the glam world!

Now here we are, taking a u-turn on the fashion street, and on our way, picking up fresh frills to spice up the ‘70’s look into the ‘08’s one! Are you game to join the troop?

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