Too May Star Kids Without The Genes!

By First Posted: Oct 1, 2008 Wed 12:12 PM
Too May Star Kids Without The Genes!
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How often have you seen a scientist’s kid become a scientist, a professor’s kid, become a professor or a chef’s kid become a chef again? Then why can’t star kids think of alterative career options?

Barring Big B’s big daughter, there’s rarely been any star kid who has decided to stay away from the limelight!

Younger, cheaper (in price, of course) star kids are pouring in Bollywood movies like off season discounts! There are so many new faces around (bearing resemblance with their respective parents only on their face, and no where in their acting skills), that it’s almost impossible to remember their names unless you start maintaining a log sheet for the purpose!

The latest to join the herd is Narmada, the ambitious daughter of none other than Govinda!

While Govinda is just not ready to move out of his funny, young guy image, his daughter is already on her way to hit the silver screen! The stubborn hero, at 40 something still feels confident of romancing Hansika Motwani , who appears younger than his own daughter!

Irony is another name for Bollywood.

So, guess who is helping daddy launch his daughter in Tensile Town? Obviously, the same man who had the big heart to re-launched Govinda opposite his girlfriend, Katrina Kaif. The man who himself believes he is an evergreen tree in Bollywood: Salman Khan !

And this is what Chi Chi has to say about the big kid launch:

“Salmanbhai and his brothers are part of my family. They will naturally do what is best for any member of my family. Narmada won‘t have to go through the long period of struggle like her father did. She won‘t make the mistakes that I did. Hopefully, she has none of my blemishes and all of my virtues, whatever they may be.”

How you wish!

But after a hundred examples set by proficient people like Tushar Kapoor, Isha Deol and Herman Bhaweja,, star parents still don’t get the point: that your kick start does not guarantee a successful launch for your kids! At the end of the day, they need to have the right skills and genes!

Anyway, here is another star kid coming your way. So memsaabs, beware of another disaster taking shape at the box office!

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