SRK Or Sallu: Who Is The Bigger “Temptation” For Kat?

By First Posted: Sep 20, 2008 Sat 1:41 PM Updated: Sep 20, 2008 Sat 6:06 PM

After the Unforgettables Tour of the forgettable Bachchans, it is now the turn of the Baadshah himself to rock the world. Yes, Shahrukh Khan is all set to kick off his world tour that is known to generate huge response everywhere.

Temptations, the tour spearheaded by SRK promises to be bigger than before this time. The simple reason is that SRK has to outperform the “Unforgettables”. While it is still not very clear whether or not the “Bachchan” tour was successful, SRK has a big task at hand. A section of the media proclaims that “Unforgettables” was a big hit, and another section reports it to be a complete flop. Either way, “Temptations” has to be really well marketed and presented to be successful.

Obviously SRK also needs some big names to add to his list. Deepika Padukone, the top rated actress today, will definitely be making a few appearances. That’s a big scoop, right? Good friend Arjun Rampal will definitely be seen performing in the tour. Priyanka Chopra, besides many other stars, will also be seen gyrating away with the King Khan. Nothing unexpected about all this, right? So here is the juicy tidbit that will surely surprise and interest you. Three people who you will be surprised to see perform in “Temptations” are…

Katrina Kaif

Has Kat broken up with Sallu miyan? Salman is known to take an over-zealous interest in Kat’s work. In fact media reports keep flocking in about Salman’s interference in Katrina’s professional decisions. No wonder Kat is not ready for marriage! Anyway, so Katrina has decided to perform in Temptations despite knowing how things stand between SRK and Salman. Is Katrina giving out a silent message?

Aamir Khan

So Aamir has finished with feeding “Shahrukh, the dog”? After some public insults in his blog and in media interviews, is Aamir ready to be friends again with SRK? Or is he just doing it for the dough? Tough question!

Malaika Arora Khan

One of the many loyal friends of SRK, Malaika is always present wherever he is doing a show. But after the Salman Khan-SRK spat, will Malaika-SRK friendship be spared? Looks like Malaika has taken a stand and is all geared up to perform in “Temptations”. Good to see that the friendship has endured. But hey, what does Arbaaz Khan feel about the whole thing? No jhagda wagda, we hope!

All in all, Temptations promises to be very tempting for the audiences. What matters now is the ticket pricing. Will SRK’s tour be more affordable than the Bachchans’? It would really be the sensible thing to do if the show has to be more successful.

Good Luck SRK!

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