Secrets Of Successful Shopping At “Sales”

By First Posted: Sep 19, 2008 Fri 6:31 PM Updated: Sep 19, 2008 Fri 6:33 PM
Secrets Of Successful Shopping At “Sales”
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Kunika Narang likes to consider herself a tough bird. She goes to all those sales at designer boutiques and shopping centers. Little does she know that these sales are meant to loot people and not to give them stuff at throw-away prices!

Wondering how could this be true? Yeah yeah, we do know all about those 1+1, 2+1, 50% off, 20% extra etc etc etc. But little do you know that these marketing gimmicks are only invented to get some money out of your wallet. Now, we are not suggesting that you stop treating yourself to “sale” shopping! What use is it to be alive if one cannot shop? But we do have a few secrets to share that can make your “sale-shopping” really successful.

Be Nice To The Sales-Staff

Being polite and courteous is always good, but especially so when you go shopping. Those salesmen and saleswomen know a lot that can be useful information to a serious shopper. They can tell you in advance about forthcoming sales. They can also give you a little “preferential treatment” if you are nice to them. This means, even if the sale ended yesterday, you can still avail of the offer today!

Off-Season Is The Best Season

Did you know that the best time to buy woolens is peak summer season? That is when you will get the best discounts. Similarly, if you want to buy decorative lights, Divali, Id or Christmas is the worst time you could choose!

Read The Fine Print

Wherever you read a big sign promising 70% off or something like it, watch out for a little “Upto” above it. This means that the items you really like are probably not available at a discount or the discount you get will be something much lesser than what you thought! Similarly find out about “Terms & Conditions” before you decide to purchase a product on sale.

Quality Is Important

Sometimes an item is on sale just because it is not good enough! Do you really want to buy a low quality product just to save some money? Think about it!

Buy What You Need

The number one rule of going shopping is to have a shopping list. This makes sure that you buy only what you need. Sometimes a big discount is advertised on a product that would otherwise never get sold. Don’t let the discount create a need, and don’t be the dumbo who buys such a product!

Beware Of Coupons

Sometimes a store will give you coupons instead of discount on your purchase. This is one big marketing gimmick that you need to be aware of. The coupons ensure that you purchase again from the same store. Worse, they usually come with conditions like a minimum amount of purchase required etc. So you end up saving much less than you expected!

End Of Season, Be Careful

End of season sales are really the best. You just need to know two rules. 1. Don’t wait till the end of the sale coz you will miss all the good stuff. Appear for your shopping on the very first or second day of the sale. 2. Be very careful in terms of what you buy. When buying clothes, choose a style that will still be wearable next season. If it is already going out of fashion, don’t buy just coz it’s cheap!

These tips will definitely help you in making sensible decisions when you go on your next shopping spree at a “sale”! So wear your shopping shoes and GET SET, GO!

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