Can I Look Younger Without Plastic Surgery?

By First Posted: Sep 12, 2008 Fri 8:49 PM Updated: Sep 12, 2008 Fri 8:52 PM
Can I Look Younger Without Plastic Surgery?
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Lara is turning 38 this week. Her birthday coincides with her college reunion this year. Even though Lara is doing well professionally, the thought of meeting the old gang is giving her nightmares. For one, she is still single. And the more important worry is that she is considerably older than all her friends. No female wants to be in a room where she is the oldest, right? So Lara asked her beautician friend, "Can I look younger without plastic surgery?"

Pat came the reply, "Sure you can!"

Nobody likes getting older with every passing birthday, except for kids perhaps! But women find it especially annoying that age takes away their charm and good looks. Are you also a “not-so-young” woman who wants to know the secrets of looking younger? Read on to find out what those yummy mummys know and regular women don't...

Get in shape: This is easily the most important part of looking better and younger. Are you too thin or too fat? You need to work out and tone up those muscles!

Get a snazzy haircut: Yeah yeah...long locks are always in! But you would not be reading this article if they looked good on you. The secret of looking younger instantly is to get a haircut that keeps your hair length between your chin and your shoulders.

Color my lips: Browns and mattes are “oh so passé!” When buying some color for your lips, choose feminine colors like pinks and reds. Glossy lips is another secret weapon when you want to look younger. Matte is to gloss what stale is to fresh. Now what do you wanna be?

Lift those brows: Anyone can get an instant facelift with eyebrow shaping. Just have your eyebrows done properly with a nice arch and you will look years younger. But hey, do not over-tweeze your brows for they may never grow back!

Get a new wardrobe: If you do not wear Western clothing, this is the best age to start. It will take years off you in an instant!

Yoga cures all: Yoga and meditation is the key to a good life. It treats all your problems holistically. That means you end up looking younger and stress-free.

Let your eyes do the talking: Yes, eyes can talk. To make you eyes lovely and expressive, line them with kohl, add a dash of mascara and then, curl the eye lashes. If you follow these 3 steps in proper order, your job is half done.

Stand tall: Stand straight and you will look tall, not to mention slim too! A good posture adds to one’s charms, so cultivate it. You are not too old to try that, are you?

All these tips will definitely take a few years off your frame. Besides these tips, it is also important that you stay healthy and stress free. A balanced diet, proper exercise and good sleep every day is the real recipe for youth!

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