Business Travel Tips For Women

By First Posted: Sep 10, 2008 Wed 1:13 PM
Business Travel Tips For Women
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Swati works for a multinational advertising agency. Next week she has to fly to New York for a workshop. But Swati has never done this before. Neither has she ever ventured out of the country, nor has she ever gone on a business trip. Even though she is a confident young professional, this is completely new territory for her.

Like Swati, many young (and not so young) Indian women are venturing out of their homes and cities to travel for business. Pleasure trips are OK for almost everyone. Experience is a big guide and they are not too difficult to deal with. But where it comes to business travel, most women are still clueless as this is as new as it is exciting! So Memsaab (your friend in need) brings you tips for business travel…

Have A Comfortable Flight

Traveling for business does not mean that you don’t need to be comfortable. Your comfort is the most important thing on this trip. So pack your in-flight carry on bag thoughtfully. Flights may be cold, so you need a warm shirt or cardigan or light jacket along with warm socks. Also, a book or a glossy is useful in whiling away the time. Just in case your luggage is temporarily lost or misplaced, you should also have a toothbrush, toothpaste and a fresh T-shirt in your carry bag. A lip stick, comb/hairbrush, compact and soap need to be carried in your bag in any case!

Pack Well For The Trip

 No business attire is complete without a business suit jacket. Look for a lightweight jacket in a style that complements your body. Choose a neutral color that can be teamed up with pants/skirts of 2-3 colors.

 A pair of black trousers is another must-have for a business trip.

 If the trip will last for more than 2 days, you should also pack in 2-3 formal skirts and trousers to wear for meetings etc.

 What do you wear on the top? To team with all your trousers and skirts, you need a few button-up blouses. These can be short sleeved, long sleeved or 3-4th sleeved. Neutral colors are the way to go here too!

 Black pumps or formal looking shoes in black work best for your feet.

 If you are not so much into Western wear, pack a couple of saris for the trip. Salwar-kameez is not really that official, so give that a miss.

 Apart from all this official looking attire, you should pack a black cocktail dress (for parties), a pair of jeans and a few tees. Not to forget some sensible night-wear!

 Now when it comes to lingerie, pack in enough to last throughout the trip. Who knows if you will have time to wash your stuff or not? In case you don’t know already, you can also get disposable panties from the market!

 Jewelry should be kept to a minimum on a business trip.

 Pack in some simple clips and bobby pins to tie up your hair. Flowing hair (especially on a bad hair day) is not really that professional looking!

Just be sensible and pack in stuff that you need to create a favorable professional impression. There’s no scope for over the top or sexy dressing up on this trip, so give all that a miss!

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