Yoga For You And Your Baby

By First Posted: Sep 6, 2008 Sat 10:14 AM Updated: Sep 6, 2008 Sat 10:16 AM

When your baby was inside you, you might have attended yoga classes for a healthy pregnancy. But once your baby is born, you usually become too preoccupied with the baby to attend any yoga classes.

But yoga is important, not just for you but for your baby too! Babes as young as six weeks old can attend such Mom and Baby yoga Classes!

Why baby?

Although a young baby naturally has his/her share of exercising with continues limb movements or crawling, the positive energy released during these yoga classes is good for your baby. That’s why it is good to have your baby around while you are doing yoga.

How to involve your baby?

Get a soft and comfortable yoga blanket for your baby and lay him/her there. You may also keep a few of your baby’s favourite toys beside him/her. Then spread your own yoga blanket behind your baby’s and do the aasans. Chances are that as long as you will be in sight of your baby, he/she will not cry. The first few days will be difficult, as your baby may take some time to adjust to the environment.

The aasans in mom and baby yoga classes are such that you are free to attend your baby at will.

The baby learns too!

Over the months as your baby learns how to sit, stand and walk, he/she will also learn the art of yoga, watching you.

This will be of great help for your baby as yoga will develop as a part of his/her daily routine and the habit will remain with your child for life!

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