Acne Myths & Acne Facts (Part I)

By First Posted: Sep 3, 2008 Wed 12:44 PM Updated: Sep 3, 2008 Wed 12:46 PM
Acne Myths & Acne Facts (Part I)
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Lucky are those who never have to pop a pimple throughout their lives!

Not many people can claim to never have had acne. Almost all of us have had acne at some point of our lives, and to some level of severity. The lucky ones escape with a few pimples now and then. But the really unlucky ones are tormented with this disorder to such an extent that they lose confidence in themselves. Unfortunately, few people know how to treat acne properly. There are some age old beliefs handed down from generation to generation, but without a hint of truth in them.

Here are some popular acne myths- BUSTED!

Acne is caused by eating greasy food and sweets. Extensive research has been carried out in this regard. The conclusion says that this is nothing but a myth. There is absolutely no relation between acne and diet. The only item that is found to aggravate acne generally is “table salt”. But eating a balanced diet is essential for general well being. Nevertheless, if you feel that a particular food item makes your acne worse, just avoid it because perhaps it is causing an allergic reaction.

Acne troubles teenagers only. You will be surprised to know that even little babies are tormented by acne at times. While most people get acne during their teenage, some people get their first breakout after adulthood. So age has nothing to do with it.

Sunlight can treat acne. Sunlight can only help you in increasing your Vitamin D, people! It cannot help you with acne at all. In fact, staying out in the sun for long can actually harm your skin and worsen the acne. You should also remember that you are prone to skin cancer when exposed to the harmful UV rays!

Acne will go away on its own. Many people believe that acne should be allowed to run its course. Why? Why should you risk the scars and the skin damage? Yes, it might go away eventually even if not treated, but there’s no guarantee. And the scars will be tough to deal with. So go and meet a doctor now!

Acne scars are permanent. Nothing is permanent dearies! Yes, the scars won’t go away on their own. But they can be made to go away. There are umpteen treatments available today for dealing with scars and pits. You can choose to go homeopathic way or allopathic way. Both the streams have good solutions for acne scars and pits.

Acne is only a temporary cosmetic problem. It’s more than that guys. Even if it is temporary, it’s not just cosmetic. Acne tortures its victims on many levels. It’s not just about a few pimples, it’s about the effect on your personality. People become very self conscious and lose confidence. Some even start to loathe themselves. Acne is very stressful and is far from being “just cosmetic”.

 Wash your face as many times as possible. Washing your face with soaps or facewash or facial scrub can cause dryness and irritation. This worsens the situation and causes fresh breakouts. The best way is to wash your face twice with a mild soap every day.

Now that some of the acne myths have been dispelled, we will talk about acne management in our next article in the series. Till then, be clean and be clear!!!

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