Salman Khan Se Bachna Ae Haseena?

By First Posted: Aug 31, 2008 Sun 12:19 PM Updated: Aug 31, 2008 Sun 12:56 PM
Salman Khan Se Bachna Ae Haseena?
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No actor has ever been so open about his feelings for an actress than Salman Khan! Specially without taking an NOC from the lady! And this was quite evident in the last episode of Dus Ka Dum. The Rakhi Special episode saw Katrina Kaif and Akshaye Kumar as his special guests.

In spite of the khiladi, being there and playing the game with a lot more intelligence than Katrina AND the episode being scripted for the promotion of their latest movie, Sing Is Kinng, Salman and Kartina completely stole the show!

Salman was totally at it, teasing and commenting, not-so-subtly about arelationship that Kartina has aleways denied in front of the camera!

In fact even Akshay couldn’t keep himself from saying that ‘Aap dono toh ek hi ghar ke ho! Oh my God? Yes, that’s what he said!

Katrina tried hard not to blush, Par kya kare, this English mem also has desi blood running in her arteries!

This is not the first time that Mr. Khan is making public statements about his love for Katrina. He has been reported making statements like ‘Meri aur Katrina ki shadi mein kaun kaun ayega? at charity shows and social function! As a host of this show, he just got another opportunity to announce his achievement of winning a beauty queen!

While Katrina is still firm with her parrot statement Oh! We are just good friends!

So, what really is happening between the two? Is Salman Khan still at the convincing stage? Or is Katrina not as excited about discussing her personal life with the media the way her boyfriend is? Is she using him as a ladder to climb to the top, while Salman thinks she is falling for him? Or is the sexy lady actually going end Salman Khan’s long bachelorhood?

Time will tell. So, Sallu have patience. Don’t lose it like the way you did last time, and lost your love to the Bachchan Khandaan!

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