Unique Gift Ideas For Raksha Bandhan

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Unique Gift Ideas For Raksha Bandhan
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Raksha Bandhan is one day when people without brothers/sisters feel the need. Happy are the guys who walk around with a few strands of silk/gold tied around their wrists. These strands of silk signify the love and bond that they share with their sisters. Even women look forward to this day throughout the year. Not only does this day stand for celebration of the “brother-sister” bond, but also means loads of gifts and sweets!

So what gifts do you give away on Raksha Bandhan? Are you still stuck with those boxes of sweets or dry fruit? Do you have any interesting gift ideas to impress your brother/sister? Read on to find out how you can make this day special for that special person in your life: your brother/your sister….

Gift Ideas For Brothers

CD’s: Gift him his favorite audio CDs or VCDs or DVDs. If he’s into health and fitness, a workout DVD is just great! Yoga CDs are also a good idea for almost anyone. Gaming CDs make a great gift for people who are gaming fanatics.

iPod: Music in your hands, is something that almost everyone desires. iPods are not so costly anymore. Since most guys love gizmos, this one is bound to be a heart-winner.

Computer Accessories: For the gizmo freak in him, this sounds like a great gift idea. You can spend as much as you want and get him something that he will cherish and use. A pen drive, a DVD writer or a whole new gaming console...the list is endless.

Sports Based Gifts: If your brother is into sports, a great gift can be branded sports wear or sports shoes. You can find great collections at Nike, Adidas, Reebok etc. Similarly you can also buy him useful stuff for his favorite sport. E g: a lawn tennis racket or a basket ball etc.

Gymming Stuff: If your brother is a workout freak, buy him new weights/dumbbells etc. You could also buy him a sandbag for kickboxing or boxing gloves. One good thing about such items is that you can try a few punches yourself!

Regular Stuff: Mobile phones, mobile phone accessories, wrist watches, bracelets, deodorants, perfumes, after shaves….just drop into any gift store and you’ll find dozens of items that you can choose from.

Gift Ideas For Sisters

Jewelry: This is something that almost every woman loves. Diamonds are the best, if you can afford them! If you really want to spend a lot, platinum is the thing to buy for your lovely sister. It will show her how much you love her. If you have a sister who’s too young for gold, platinum and diamonds, just buy her interesting and funky jewelry for casual wear.

Bags: If she’s too classy, leather is what you need. If she’s contemporary and funky, buy a bag as funky as she is. Today you can find embroidered, beaded, mirrored and hand crafted bags. Just think what goes best with her favorite dresses and choose.

Soft Toys: Most “little” sisters like cuddly teddys and bears. Even though browns are the best, make it pink if that’s her favorite color these days!

Dresses: Whether it’s a pair of jeans or a lovely embroidered sari, whatever item of clothing you gift her today will be cherished by her forever.

Married Sisters: If she’s married, she would appreciate home decoration items like wall hangings, paintings etc. You can also gift her kitchen appliances, crockery etc.

Regular Stuff: Once again, this list is endless. Deodorants, perfumes, watches, mobile phones, mobile phone accessories etc. are all great ideas depending on the kind of person your dear sister is!

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