How To Take Care Of Naturally Curly Or Wavy Hair

By First Posted: Aug 27, 2008 Wed 9:15 PM Updated: Aug 27, 2008 Wed 9:22 PM
How To Take Care Of Naturally Curly Or Wavy Hair
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Most women who are born with naturally curly/wavy hair, spend their whole lives lamenting their genes. This is especially true for the young women today – because poker straight hair is so in! All the Bollywood babes sport straight hair, all the models in hair product ads show off their straight hair, even most of your friends have straight hair that they can flaunt. But what happens when you don’t?

Curly haired women not only envy the straight hair of their friends, but also spend a lot of time, money and effort in trying to straighten their hair. While permanent straightening does straighten your hair to quite an extent for a couple of months, it does more damage to the hair than good. The chemicals are so harsh that they leave your mane dry and prone to frizz. On the other hand, straightening irons give you a temporary solution to a permanent problem. It works for a couple of hours, but the damage to the hair can last a lifetime. Heat is certainly not good for the hair follicles!

So what does one do with curly or wavy hair?

Simple! Stop fighting it. Instead of trying to convert your curly hair into straight hair, just try to make the most of your curls. Curls can be quite pretty and attractive if handles properly. In fact, straight-haired women often pay to get those curls!

Shampoo is not your best friend. Curly hair is more prone to loss of moisture and dryness. This makes it more brittle. Every time you shampoo, you rob the hair of its natural moisture. So stick to shampooing twice a week only. If you feel that your hair is dirty, just rinse it with plain water and condition as many times a week as you feel the need. In fact, if your hair feels frizzy, use the conditioner to wash it. After rinsing, apply a “leave-on” conditioner for extra weight and support. This will help you control the curls.

Brushing may rob you of hair! When you use a brush to style your hair, you will see many hair strands get entangled in the brush bristles. You would not have lost these hairs had it not been for the brush. For combing curly hair, fingers work the best. But if you have long hair, you should buy a wide-toothed comb. This will minimize the damage to hair. It is also important to let your hair dry naturally without combing or brushing.

Treatments are harmful. Whether it’s a permanent straightening or a coloring treatment, it is bound to damage your hair. Similarly, blow drying the hair is also not recommended as it tends to dry the hair and make it frizzier.

Be careful about the products you buy. Not every hair product is for you. First of all, try to avoid the products with an alcohol base, because alcohol tends to rob the hair of moisture. When choosing a shampoo or conditioner, look for one that says “for dry hair” or “for curly/wavy hair”. Do not buy a product just because the hair stylist at the salon has recommended it to you. Use your brains before you make a decision!

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