When Neighbours Get On Your Nerves...

By First Posted: Aug 10, 2008 Sun 9:38 AM Updated: Aug 10, 2008 Sun 9:40 AM

Neighbours, neighbours everywhere, not a place to chill! They'll come over for tea, coffee, sometimes even water! They want to accompany you for evening walks and useless talks, blabbing away to glory about their super intellegent kids, over-active in-laws, very close fourth cousins or relatives working in the movie starring big stars like Rakhi Sawant! Of course they also want to know how active your kid is in extra curricular activities and how you prepare such delicacies in the evenings that the aroma travels all the way to their bedrooms. Iirritating and intruding neighbours can be a struggle to live with!

Someone has truly said, "good fences make good neighbours!" So, here's how to buzz off the bad ones:

o Ignore the neighbour, not the problem. Once you know that a neighbour is not someone you want to hang out with, take care of the problem immidiately!

o Always Be Busy. Most people will take the hint if you repeatedly excuse yourself from the conversation. But do be gracious about it - smile!

o What is technology for?. Use your cell phone! It can always be on a vibrator mode and ring anytime! "Sorry, important, from the office." Smile!

o When it get too much to handle, no harm in taking some serious measures. Acquire a video surveillance camera and mount it at your front entrance. An excuse should always be ready with you, whenever you spot her in the camera!

o Finally, if she still bids, have a kind but firm conversation with this neighbour. Eventually she will realize that you are avoiding him or her and will probably confront you. At that point you will have to deal with the issue directly. So, be prepared, and be stern!

We can neither choose our relatives, nor our neighbours. But there is one thing that we can de with our neighbours that we cannot do with our relatives. Avoid them!

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