How To Have A Killer Smile?

By First Posted: Aug 6, 2008 Wed 6:27 PM Updated: Aug 6, 2008 Wed 8:35 PM
How To Have A Killer Smile?
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Smile is like a jewel that you can wear everywhere. It not just makes your look beautiful and attractive but also helps you make a way into people’s hearts without actually interacting with them! In fact it is often tagged as ‘infectious’! It spreads, affecting everyone who sees it! And in return you too get a beautiful smile that might mark the spread of a beautiful day!

But a beautiful smile, to stay beautiful, it requires some effort!

So, what makes your smile beautiful… a sparkling set of teeth, of course!

Look into the mirror and carefully observe your teeth. Are they white? Or are they fading into off white, cream or yellowish tinges?

Hey! Don’t worry! This doesn’t mean that you did not take enough care of your teeth. Sometimes, even if you brush twice a day, your teeth begin to develop a yellowish layer. This is usually because of some chemicals used in the junk foods these days.

Most people get teeth whitening done from their dentists. But if you feel it requires too much of your time and money, here is a short cut:

You will need hydrogen peroxide to perform teeth whitening at home. It is usually available with the chemists.

Now follow this simple three-step process:

1. Take a spoonful of baking soda. Add some hydrogen peroxide and make it into a paste.

2. Take this paste in a toothbrush and bush your teeth with it for about 10 minutes. Focus on stained areas.

3. After brushing your teeth with the paste, wash your mouth properly.

The results will show after two or three treatments. Repeat this exercise about 3 times a week to maintain a beautiful, sparkling teeth… and keep spreading the ‘infectious smile’!

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