Bachchan's Luggage Lost!

By First Posted: Aug 5, 2008 Tue 5:47 PM Updated: Aug 5, 2008 Tue 6:20 PM
Bachchan's Luggage Lost!
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A few months ago The Bahchan Camp set out on a journey to give Unforgettable performances and build a strong fan following. But it seems their fan following in the airline industry is determined to make their tour even more unforgettable for them!

That might explain why Bachchan lost his luggage two consecutive times while on the Unforgetable Tour.

To mourn the incidents, Bachchan resorted to his latest publicity vehicle, his Blog. Only a few days ago he had written in his blog that the British Airlines had lost his entire baggage and that he was left without any clothes on the trip!

Surely that gave Bachchan a chance to get another wardrobe designed for the tour.

And then, recently again Mr. Bachcahn wrote in his blog:

“Brilliant news!! Half my bags gone again! And no it‘s not British Airways this time. It is Air Canada!”

Wow! That’s a mighty unusual con-incidence! Let’s hope the airlines don’t have the plan to continue this, or the Bachchan troop would land up in the coming events without respectable clothes!

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