Squeeze Out The Stress

By First Posted: Jul 27, 2008 Sun 1:07 PM Updated: Jul 27, 2008 Sun 3:21 PM
Squeeze Out The Stress
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Have you ever squeezed out the last few drops of toothpaste from the toothpaste tube? That’s how a foot massage works. It squeezes out stress and tensions from your overworked body and mind by applying pressure on it!

The pressure points on your feet can do magic to your body and brain, when it come to stress relieving. And for getting a foot massage, you do not have to necessarily go to a massage parlour or even a specialist! You and your husband or boyfriend can be as good foot massagers for each other!

All you have to do is…

1. Soak his feet in warm water for about 10 minutes and add some essential oils or bath salts. Then, dry his feet with a towel before starting the massage.

2. Apply some oil or cream on your hands for giving a smooth massage.

3. Here’s how the massage is done: stroke the top of his foot, between cords located on top of foot at instep. Move in the direction from toe to ankle. Then, continue by stroking the sole of foot, first more gently, then increase pressure.

4. Continue by making circular motions with your fingers and thumb over the sole of the foot. Use more pressure on areas such as heel or ball of the foot that bears more body weight.

5. Move from top to bottom, with circular motions covering the sides of the foot.

6. After doing this for about 10 minutes, turn the foot a little at the ankle. Remember to be gentle! Hold the foot with one hand and use the other hand to rotate it first at the ankle, and then near the ball. Do this several times in each direction.

7. Now apply gentle pressure on the sole of the foot with your fist.

8. His toes need your attention too. Take one toe at a time and roll it between your thumb and forefinger. After rolling for a few minutes, gently squeeze the end of each toe before moving on to the next.

9. To end the massage, repeat the circular motion for a few minutes and then wipe off the access cream on his foot.

Repeat the same for the other foot and find your beloved rejuvenated in about 30 minutes! Now he has no excuse for not taking you out this evening. Plus, he also has to reward you for the wonderful massage you gave him!

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