Commercial Or Social?

By First Posted: Jul 15, 2008 Tue 12:26 AM Updated: Jul 15, 2008 Tue 12:32 AM
Commercial Or Social?
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First communal harmony and now education for all… Abhishek Bachchan is certainly doing some good work in advertising!

Where, most other superstars are busy gathering green bucks from whichever television, ad-film or stage shows they can get their hands on, at least one star is doing some work worth talking about!

Funny, emotional, social, touching… very few ads can imbibe all these qualities together in a few seconds of screenplay. And the Idea Cellular campaign is one of them!

Very few ads combine a star value with a big idea. Again, the Idea Cellular Campaign takes the credit!

Most campaigns simply want to play on the star status. Very few advertisers actually utilize the acting talent of a star. Here again, the Idea Cellular Campaign scores high points!

Truly, Waat aan idea sirrr ji!

Most brands, big or small forget about the idea as soon as they get the sign of a big star on the contract. But here is one brand that chose to be different!

The first ad of Idea Cellar conveyed a beautiful message of communal harmony, along with creating a very favourable image for the brand. The second one, that has recently been launched, gives a very beautiful way of spreading education, through mobiles phones! However larger than life it may seem, it surely finds its way to our heart!

“Idea's new campaign addresses a relevant social issue - education for all. The spread of education among girl children is a must in today's times. I am pleased to be playing a part in this campaign” Abhishek said.

He also said that the first campaign has not just helped Idea’s sales, but has also touched upon the caste issue. And this campaign definitely has the potential to do so!

The perfect mix of a social and advertising campaign!

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