Maintaining Makeup In Monsoons

By First Posted: Jun 11, 2008 Wed 3:59 PM Updated: Jun 11, 2008 Wed 4:14 PM
Maintaining Makeup In Monsoons
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It’s the peak of summers and everyone is waiting desperately for the blistering heat to cool down with the first thunder shower of monsoons. The cool breeze, the earthen fragrance, the washed greenery and the tiny drops of water… Everything about this season is so beautiful… except when it washes out your own beauty if you are not well-prepared!

Makeup is one of the most difficult things to maintain during heavy rains. Because if not the rain drops, the sweat drops that emerge in the extreme humid conditions of this season, wash off all the makeup!

Heavy downpour and heavy makeup don’t go together. So, in monsoons, the rule of thumb is to avoid dense makeup altogether, if you suspect the dark clouds to give in anytime!

When makeup is essential, do up your face lightly.

Foundation should be avoided as they will cause you to sweat more and hence smudge all the makeup. Use waterproof eyeliner and mascara to beautify your eyes and transfer-resistant lipsticks to highlight your lips. Avoid kajal, even if it is waterproof because in a heavy downpour, even a waterproof Kajal tends to smudge. And you wouldn’t want your under-eye circles to get highlighted, would you?

Prefer matt lipsticks over glossy ones. You have two reasons to do so. Firstly, glossy makeup tends to make your skin oily, which you would want to avoid because of the humid conditions that already make your skin very sweaty. Secondly, matt makeup tends to stay longer and is more resistant to water than the glossy one.

Wear uncomplicated hairstyles. They are easy to handle during rains, and you never know, you might have to open your hair if they get wet! Also, remember to wash your hair everyday to avoid dandruff and other problems of the humid season.

Before you apply any makeup, remember to prepare your skin for the ‘makeup in monsoons’. This means that you will need to:

Wash and cleanse your face thoroughly.

Rub an ice cube on your face for 5 to 10 minutes to lower the sweating rate.

Use an astringent if you have oily skin or a toner if you have dry or normal skin type. And always remember to use only water-based moisturisers during monsoons. With a little bit of care, monsoons won’t seem like a burden on your skin!

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