How To Buy A Bra: Choosing The Style

By First Posted: May 29, 2008 Thu 6:36 PM Updated: May 30, 2008 Fri 2:48 PM
How To Buy A Bra: Choosing The Style
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Most women go to shop for bras at least two or three times in one year. But the millions of styles, colors and varieties of the fare are enough to flummox anyone! Add to it the over-anxious staff trying to sell you a piece of clothing that is so personal. And let us just not get started on the complex sizes!!! Believe it or not, many women consider bra-shopping a nightmare.

Memsaab brings you some easy pointers on different styles available in the market so that you know exactly what you need, the next time you go for bra-shopping.

Underwire Bra: This is the one that comes with under-wiring for extra support. Definitely, these are also sexier than the regular ones!

Seamless Bra: The cups in these bras are machine made and are great for any dress. No matter how thin the material of your dress may be, these brassieres never show. A must have for everyone!

T-Shirt Bra: These come with moulded seamless cups that never show under your tees. These also hide the nipples very well. So if you wear tees and jeans, these are the ones for you!

Plunge Bras: These are very ‘low cut’ bras. In fact, the band itself joins the two cups at the base of the brassiere. These are perfect for low cut and revealing dresses. They also accentuate the cleavage.

Demi Bra: This is another ‘revealing’ bra. These have half cups that cover only half of the breast. These do not provide the extra push-up effect. They make a great choice for revealing and low cut dresses.

Full Cup Bra: These are for the big busted women. The full cups provide extra support required for fuller breasts.

Full Figure/Plus Size Bra: These bras are meant for the large busted and full figured women. You can find sizes up to “K” in this style. The band size does not necessarily go up with the cup size.

Sports Bra: This bra is designed to support you during moderate to intense physical activity. This is a must have for all women who enjoy working out or playing some sport.

Minimiser Bra: This style is meant to reduce the bulky appearance of fuller breasts. They achieve this by redistributing the breast tissue towards the sides. Most of them flatten the breast and reduce the size by at least an inch.

Padded Bra: This one is the exact opposite of the minimiser bra. This is one for the smaller busted women who wish to look fuller. The cups come with extra padding to give a fuller appearance.

Molded Bra: The cups are machine made to replica the natural shape of woman’s breast. These provide extra support and comfort. Extra padding or lining in this bra also help in hiding the nipples.

Balcony Bra: This is a style that comes with wider placed straps. This gives a horizontal appearance and is perfect for wider-necked dresses. They give less coverage for center effect and horizontal cleavage.

Maternity Bra: These come with a drop-down cup that comes in handy for nursing mothers. Another must have for all new moms out there.

Front Clasp Bra: These are also used as maternity bras by some women. Some women prefer these for their ease of wearing. The only hitch is that they do not come with adjustable sizes as there is only one clasp on each bra.

Push-Up Bra: These provide extra support with push-up effect. This is used to show off cleavage with or without extra padding.

Bras form the basic foundation of any wardrobe. There are some styles that every woman needs. At the same time, some styles are typical to a particular kind of dress/occasion/lifestyle etc. So choose your bras accordingly and flaunt your stuff! In our next article in the series, we will bring you information on how to find out your correct size for brassieres. Till then, decide about the style you want!

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