Water: The Secret Of Beauty

By First Posted: May 22, 2008 Thu 4:42 PM
Water: The Secret Of Beauty
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Water is precious! Not just for quenching your thirst and making the oceans, the waterfalls and the monsoons so beautiful, but also for making YOU more beautiful!

Yes, it’s true! Water alone has a great potential to make you grow more beautiful! It reaches deeper into your skin than any of the cosmetics and brings out the prettiest side of you!

Biologically speaking, you should drink at least eight glasses of water everyday for a healthy living. But if you are not already doing so, you may take some time before getting used to it.

Begin with 3-4 glasses daily, and slowly, as you increase your daily “dose” of water you will see how it magically transforms you into a more beautiful person, both physically and mentally!

No More Pimples!
It may mean a few extra visits to the ladies room, but this will actually drain out most of the toxins and pollutants from your body. So, this means no more pimples, lesser wrinkles and a flush of freshness on your face and body!

Clear Complexion
With apt amount of water reaching every cell of your skin, it will make the skin glow with a healthy radiance. And with less amount of pollutant in your skin and body, you will have a much clearer complexion!

Erases Scars
Believe it or not, water mixed with sandalwood, and rose water actually helps remove those ugly scars that you hate so much. Blend the sandalwood paste with rose water and apply on the scars. Keep it overnight and then wash it off with cold water the next day. In a few days you will see your scars disappear and your skin appear clearer and more beautiful.

Keeps You Cool
Last, but not the least, water keeps your head cool. Now you must be wondering if that has anything to do with your beauty. Of course it does! Anger, tension, worry… all burst out in the form of pimples, acne and wrinkles on the skin. A cool head will keep you beaming and glowing all the time! So that you keep smiling always… cheers!

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