Facial Cleansing For Your Skin Type

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Facial Cleansing For Your Skin Type
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Cleansing is a vital part of every skin care regime. If you want a beautiful and youthful skin, cleansing is the most important thing you need to do every day. But what works for your best friend may not work for you. People have different skin types and the skin care regime must vary according to the skin type. Just as different skin types require different cosmetics, they also require different cleansing routines.

Here’s the basic cleansing routine for every skin type:

Normal Skin

You are lucky if you have a “Normal Skin Type”. This skin type should not be smothered with a plethora of lotions and creams. To maintain your normal skin type, keep the skin care basic and minimalist. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing should take care of everything.

Use a gentle face wash for this skin type. When buying products for your facial skin, look for wheat germ, coconut or avocado in the list of ingredients. These ingredients work well for normal skin types. You can also use a home made cleanser with oatmeal and yogurt. Just mix the two to form a paste and use as a facial scrub. This natural scrub will remove all the dead skin cells without harming your skin in any way.

Oily Skin

Let’s face it, you are not exactly lucky if you have this skin type. This is the skin type that is most prone to acne and other breakouts. When buying skin care products for this skin type, the one basic principle is to use everything oil-free. So if you buy facial scrub or a liquid facial wash for an oily skin, remember to look for “water based” on every product.

You can also make your own facial cleanser with simple things from your kitchen. Mix a little oatmeal with water. Use this paste to cleanse your face and neck every night. Not only will this clean your skin and unclog the pores, it will also remove the dean skin cells. Hazel nut is also a good ingredient for oily skin. The most important thing is to keep the skin clean by washing at least 3-4 times every day. Just splash cold water on your face and remove the dirt/grime. If you let dirt accumulate on an oily skin, it will clog the skin pores and result in acne.

Dry Skin

Dry skin needs extra moisturizing as it can be easily robbed of the little moisture it naturally has. The first thing you need to remember is that dry skin should always be washed with cold water only. Hot water tends to open up the pores and thereby lose moisture. The next important thing to keep in mind is that dry skin should not be treated with an excess of detergent as they have a drying tendency.

When buying products for your dry skin, remember to look for natural ingredients. Olive oil, jojoba oil, honey and almonds are excellent for dry skin as they provide the much needed moisture to the skin. You can also make your own facial cleanser at home for dry skin. Mix a little wheat germ with honey and your facial scrub is ready for use!

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