When You Love A Workaholic

By First Posted: Apr 10, 2008 Thu 8:00 PM Updated: Apr 16, 2008 Wed 11:08 AM
When You Love A Workaholic
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So he doesn’t have time to spend with you this weekend too! He is anyway working till midnight on weekdays! He has already missed your birthday bash; his mom-dad’s anniversary party, 3 Friday-night movies and the much-awaited get-together with old buddies!

In short, your boyfriend is a workaholic!

And if you still love him as much, you already have the first and foremost thing required to deal with a workaholic - TOLERANCE.

Now, you just need some patience and understanding to get what you want… time to spend together!

Let him focus

Don’t bother him in his office hours or even a few hours later. Let him work in peace. This will work to your advantage because he will be able to concentrate and finish his work quickly!

Show him you understand

Let him know that you understand how busy he is and how hard he is working. This will put his guards down and he will start listening to your complaints. Now, you can tell him that you are actually worried about him getting ‘burnt out’! Tell him he needs a break. And of course you are always there to make him relax!

Coffee, Tea, Lunch?

If he just doesn’t find time to meet you, suggest him having lunch together. Tell him, it won’t be something grand, just the regular meal he has. Only, he’ll be with you, after which you will go back. You can also catch up with him for a small evening tea or snack.

Stop Bugging. Stop Meeting. Stop Calling.

When nothing works, this is the best thing to do. Oh no, I am not telling you to break all contacts with him. Just do EXACTLY as he wants (maybe a bit extra)! He doesn’t expect this from you and will not be able to take your odd behaviour! He’ll start calling you, or trying to meet you. Bas phir kya… enjoy!

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