How To Be A Good Girlfriend

By First Posted: Apr 8, 2008 Tue 8:32 PM Updated: Apr 8, 2008 Tue 10:51 PM
How To Be A Good Girlfriend
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When you plan to tie the knot, everyone has a piece of advice on how to be a good wife. When you break the “Good News”, everyone has a cradle full of tips on how to be a good mother!

But has anyone ever bothered to find out what it takes to be a good girlfriend?

Look Good
That’s how your boyfriend wants to see you! Of course he loves you the way you are but what’s the harm in bringing a bright smile on his face, every time you meet him?

Don’t Expect at Once!
When he proposed to you, you wanted some time before you could say ‘yes’ to him. Now you need to give him the time he wants to become “committed” to your forever!

Let Him Know
Nevertheless, let him know what you feel… about your relationship, your fears, your apprehensions and your feelings. Boys are not sensitive enough. They need you to prompt them to truly understand your feelings.

Keep Moods In Check
It’s ok if you are moody while experiencing PMS. He probably understands it (or at least tries to)! But spare him otherwise. Try to keep your moods constant and make yourself easy to handle!

Trust Him!
He deserves it! Especially because he is the guy you have chosen for yourself! There are as many sincere men on earth as women. So don’t be so suspicious and trust him to think of the best for you!

Leave Him Alone!
It does sound a bit harsh and difficult to do, but at least give it a try. Clinging on to him 24 hours, 7 days a week can be suffocating for him!

Be a Good Girlfriend and there is nothing that can stop him from loving you with all he has (and that includes fulfilling your wish list!)

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