"Smokey Eye Look" Made Easy

By First Posted: Mar 14, 2008 Fri 7:35 PM Updated: Mar 14, 2008 Fri 7:48 PM
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What is your most attractive feature? Most women would answer this question with “My Eyes”. Did you know that your eyes can really be used to ensnare any guy you want? Did you know that a little practice with the make-up brushes can make you look stunning within minutes? A little trick with the eye make-up can make you look smoldering, seductive and sexy, are you game?

Getting the perfect smokey eye look is not difficult. Surely, it requires patient practice. But once you have tried it a couple of times, it comes as naturally to you as applying your daily moisturizer. A few practiced strokes of the brush can work wonders for any pair of eyes; whether big or small, bright or dull. So learn how to get smokey eyes for the hot party look.

1. Begin by preparing your eyes for the make-up products you are going to use. Apply a layer of cream concealer over your lids and also under your eyes. You can use your foundation cream also for this job.

2. Now choose the color scheme for your eyes. If you want the usual grey, brown or black colored smokey eyes, use an eye-liner in the same color. But if you want a metallic or jewel like smokiness, you can get it by using eye shadow in colors like violet. For such an effect, use blue or purple or dark green eye liner.

3. Begin the color application with the eye-liner. Apply the liner on upper as well as lower lash lines. Apply a thicker line in the middle for the right effect.

4. Choose a lighter shade of eye shadow to provide the base for the darker shade. A light metallic or even cream color shadow makes a great choice. Apply the light shimmering shadow from over your lid to your brow bone.

5. Blend in the darker shadow now, starting at your lash line. Make sure to apply the shadow on the lash line such that the liner disappears. Blend upwards the deep color in a horizontal ‘V’. Find the point where your two lash lines meet. Lift this point up halfway till your eyebrow. This is where the corner of your ‘V’ is.

6. Smudge the eye-liner on the bottom lid using the eye shadow for smudge effect.

7. For added drama, put on a good dose of volumising mascara.

8. Brush off any shadow that may have fallen on your face. Now you have eyes smokier than ever.

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