Go High On The Style Quotient

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Go High On The Style Quotient
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Skin Care has already been taken care of and now it’s time to talk about style. How do some women manage to look trendy and stylish no matter what they wear? And how do some women appear drab and dull even in designer wear? Exactly what is style? Is it inborn or can it be cultivated? Many of these questions plague youngsters and mature women alike. And Memsaab is trying to find answers.

Look Stylish Effortlessly

* When you go shopping for clothes choose clothes that fit you perfectly, are comfortable and look good on you. Never buy clothes just because they are in vogue. Follow the trends that suit you. If you are not too sure, ask a friend or your spouse or a sales assistant for advice. And please do not buy stuff just because you have to buy ‘something’. What we are saying is choose your clothes smartly.

* Your clothes should match your personality. If you are more comfortable in Indian wear, stick to it. Do not buy Western wear just coz its ‘in’. Your clothes are an extension of your personality. And they should be fun for you. You cannot be stylish unless you love what you are in.

* Big names and brands do make a style statement. But you need not be disheartened if you cannot afford them. Style is not about the price of your clothes and accessories. Even stuff bought from ‘Fashion Street’ or ‘Janpath’ can look stylish. But the golden rule to be remembered is do not fake it. Fake brands are so down market!!!

* Invest in more than one pair of jeans. Have one to wear at home, one for outdoors/camping/picnics/hiking etc, a stylish one for partying and a casual pair for daily wear. Buy suitable tops, kurtis and shirts to go with each.

* Have more than one pair of shoes. Sporty shoes for the outdoors, casual sandals for daily/college wear, formal shoes for office, high-heeled sandals or slip-ons for saris etc. Shoes must match your clothes.

* Every wardrobe must include a pair of black pants, a pair of blue jeans, a white top and a black dress.

* Go for variety. Having a fetish for a particular color is OK as long as your entire wardrobe is not in the same color. If you like blue, you can buy clothes in the many different shades of blue. You can also mix and match your blues with other colors.

* Accessorize, accessorize and accessorize. Business dressing goes by the rule Less is more. But for casual dressing, you could go for funky jewelry, interesting belts, shoes, handbags etc. The accessories that you use should match with your clothes and the occasion. Never wear sport shoes with jeans. If you are going to college. Jeans should be worn with casual shoes.

There are many more tips and suggestions on looking stylish. You just have to keep reading on…

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