Talking to Kids About SEX

By First Posted: Mar 10, 2008 Mon 6:39 PM Updated: Mar 10, 2008 Mon 6:40 PM

You must have heard of this common saying, “Partial knowledge is more dangerous”. This is exactly what you child is getting, when she/he is being exposed to media… television, movies, peers, internet, magazines, books…

There is no dearth of information sources for your kids. Unfortunately, non of them can give kids the complete knowledge about sex!

As it is a taboo topic in our conservative society, it is understandable that you feel a little reluctant to break the ice. But you cannot ignore the wide sources that your kids are being exposed to. Once a teen, or even a few years earlier, hundreds of questions spring up in their tiny brains. To quench there thirst for information, they may go to any source of information they feel comfortable with!

At this stage, it is imperative for you to talk to them and give them a sense of confidence, trust, and safety. And if they, themselves approach you, the last thing that you should do is to ignore their questions, simply because you feel embarrassed to answer them!

Here’s how you can make things easier for yourself and your kids:

Talk about sex more than once. Keep giving them small doses time and again. This way, you will appear open for discussion to your kid, and it will also mellow down your own feeling of embarrassment. Slowly, both of your will gain confidence to talk freely about it!

Talk to them like its serious business and not something funny or ‘hush-hush’! Use proper names to describe the sexual body parts. Don’t uses nick names or slang like ‘your privates’. It will only further confuse your child and will urge him/her to seek help from an outside source.

Listen to them! They might come up with questions or incidents that sound absurd to you. After all, they are only kids! You need to help them out with this. Win their confidence so that they come to you whenever they have a query next time. They might want to talk to you about other things, like their latest crush or why they like someone in school. Talk to them about it and broaden your discussions as the child gets older.

You will realize that it is easier than you think! And it will go a long way in helping your kid take wiser decisions in the future!

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