The Great Fight Against Wrinkles

By First Posted: Mar 6, 2008 Thu 9:02 PM Updated: Mar 6, 2008 Thu 9:03 PM
The Great Fight Against Wrinkles
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Every one wants to grow up! But no one wants to grow old! And so we spend the rest of out lives fighting against those unwanted lines around our eyes… lips… forehead…

Wrinkles… the deadly signs of aging that start appearing long before we start getting the advantages of being a senior citizen! Now, that’s not fair!

To men, wrinkles may still add some character and depth to their personality! But for women, all they do is double their expense on cosmetics!

But wrinkles are a result of the breakdown of tissue fibers in the dermis layer of the skin. This is way below the cells that being “affected” by your anti-wrinkle creams!

So, is there a way to remove this problem from its roots?

Of course there is! Instead of treating your skin with zillions of lotions and ointments from the outside, nourish it from the inside!

First and foremost, save it from the sun! Whether your cream manages to go deep inside your skin or not, the sun rays surely reach that deep! This may actually be the primary factor for developing wrinkles! Sunscreen lotions help, but only to a certain limit. So it is always better to completely obstruct the rays from falling on your skin. Use a scarf and gloves when you move out and wear sun glasses to save your eyes.

Do what you tell your kids to do! Eat a very healthy diet with lots of fibre food and green, leafy vegetables. Eat fruits regularly. Good intake of vitamins and minerals strengthens your skin tissue and delays wrinkling.

Rest and relax!Don’t overstrain yourself! Wrinkles in a way represent the tensions in your life with deep lines forming on your forehead and around your eyes! They can be easily avoided if you take care of yourself and stop overexerting your body andmind!

Do some facial exercise or get a face massage done! This improves the blood circulation and rejuvenates your facial skin. Regular exercises and massages can not only delay wrinkling but even reduce the existing ones!

Drink a lot of water! Water is like Amritfor your skin! It not only delays and deduces wrinkles but also bring a glow on your skin! It’s the secret of looking younger, longer! Simple… isn’t it?

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