Akbar will be having another baby!

By First Posted: Mar 5, 2008 Wed 11:56 AM Updated: Mar 5, 2008 Wed 12:03 PM
Akbar will be having another baby!
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Oh no… no! This is not another controversial issue about Akbar’s relatives inJodha Akbar that has sprung up in the buzz world!

This is about the ‘good news’ that onscreen AKbar’s off screen Biwi has brought to him! Yes, you guessed it right! Suzanne Roshan is having another baby! And Hrithik, obviously, feels on top of the world!

Hrithik and Suzanne are already proud parents of a little boy. Their son, Hrehan Roshan, born two years ago, brought incomparable joy and delight to the family!

And now, with another good news floating in, their joys have doubled!

“Yes one more Roshan is arriving. We just got to hear the news and are thrilled. It doesn’t matter if we have a grandson or a granddaughter. Anything is welcome as long as the baby is healthy and fine.” Grandpa, Rakesh Roshan is already jumping with joy!

Hrithik Roshan is also very excited about becoming a father for the second time! He is hoping that this time he is blessed with a cute little baby girl!

Suzanne feels that this is a perfect time to have the second child. She is comparatively free as Hrehan has grown up and needs less attention. Now she will be able to give her hundred percent to the little one who is on its way!

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