Move Out of Your 'Stress-Life'!

By First Posted: Mar 3, 2008 Mon 9:25 PM Updated: Mar 3, 2008 Mon 9:27 PM
Move Out of Your 'Stress-Life'!
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In today’s demanding world, where you are expected to do multi-tasking all the time, is stress taking a toll over you?

It’s an issue that is buzzing around everywhere. From neurologists to psychiatrists, everyone is trying to find a solution to this ever-growing problem…

The problem, no doubt, is a big one. But dealing with it is not as difficult as it seems. ‘Stress’ in everyday life that appears incurable can be cured quite simply, sitting at home!

Here’s how…

They say chocolates are better than sex!
Sex has been medically proven to be a great stress-reliever! And now you also have another option. Some say that chocolates give them even more pleasure. Well… now choose your own stress-reliever!

Stress is afraid of laughter!
Laugh. Crack jokes. Read some funny ones online. Join a laughing club, go to your funniest friend’s place or watch a comedy series on the television. Stress kya uska baap bhi dum daba kar bhagega!

A little pampering will make you forget all!
Soak in a bubble bath. Water and bubbles are very soothing. Fragrant your room and lie down peacefully. Drown in your favourite music. Just relax!

Meditation always helps!
Clear your mind of all things that are troubling you. If you can’t stop thinking of the problem, go elsewhere. Change your surroundings. Close your eyes and concentrate on other beautiful things in life… think of warm air, sunshine, a breeze, sand… or anything that soothes you! Remember to take deep breaths while meditating. With every exhale, you will release a part of the stress!

A body lotion will be your best friend!
Keep a body lotion with you, wherever you go. Whenever you feel stressed, just rub a little lotion on your palm and woop! The stress will be all gone! Remember to choose a lotion with a nice fragrance.

The ‘Lotion’ trick has not yet been clinically proven, but it works for a lot of women… so why not give it a try? Have a stress-less life!

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