Wanna Play? They Sure Do! (Part I)

By First Posted: Mar 1, 2008 Sat 11:17 AM
Wanna Play? They Sure Do! (Part I)
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Children love to play. And it essentially applies to newborns and small babies. Remember your childhood? A time when playing was all you wanted to do! It was fun, it was interesting and it was the only thing you did. But now that you are a brand new mom, you have got to start playing silly games all over again.

Playing or spending time with your baby is the best gift you can give it. Your baby is trying to assimilate information, sort it, make some sense out of it, and learn new things, right from Day 1. Playing with your baby helps it to learn new things and gain confidence. And it also keeps the baby happy and laughing.

Most new moms complain that the baby is too cranky. One thing that you should realize is that the baby has a very short attention span. If the baby seemed happy playing with the rattle yesterday, it does not mean that it will be so today as well. In fact, if your baby is laughing at some silly antics of yours at this moment, it might start crying the very next moment. So if your baby turns away from you, starts looking elsewhere or starts to cry, it is getting bored!!! You need to interest this baby in a new or different activity.

It is understandable that in this age of double income households, not every parent can spend the whole day playing with the baby. But if both the parents spend just one hour with the baby (individually), they are doing a good job of it. The development of your baby depends on the time and attention that it gets from you and your spouse. So sing to it, laugh with it, talk to it, play silly games, display some silly antics, share new toys, read to it, and do everything else that you think the baby may find amusing.

Even though the baby won’t understand everything you say to it, it will surely be trying to make sense out of it. And this is how the baby develops its skills. Motor skills are enhanced by any physical games you play. Dexterity is improved by playing with certain toys like building blocks. And singing and reading to your child helps it develop speech skills. More than the games, the baby needs constant reassurance that it is loved and wanted by its parents. So laugh a lot and exhibit your pleasure on seeing the baby every time you come home.

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