How Can You Avoid Overeating?

By First Posted: Feb 28, 2008 Thu 5:17 AM Updated: May 21, 2014 Wed 8:06 PM
How Can You Avoid Overeating?
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Winters are that time of the year when people gorge on sweets and desserts. This is the time for garam gulab jamuns and the gaajar ka halwa. Most people end up having bigger appetites and bigger meals during these slow months. Add to this the all those yummy dry fruits available in the markets etc. And before you know it, you have gained a few extra kilos before the summer arrives. So how can you avoid overeating at home, at a friend’s place or at a restaurant? Here are some tips that you may find helpful:

  • • Before you sit down to eat a meal, drink a glass full of chilled water. This will make you feel full sooner.
    • Eat slowly. If you chomp away at your food as if there’s a prize for winning the race, you are likely to eat more. That’s because if your plate is empty while everyone else is still eating, it puts you in a spot. Not only will your host/hostess want you to take second helpings, you’ll yourself also want to.
    • Serve yourself. This will help you control the portion size. If your loving hubby or ma-in-law or mom serves you, they’ll want to fatten you up.
    • Keep your blood sugar at an optimum level throughout the day to avoid binging in the evening. This can be achieved by eating small frequent meals throughout the day. You should eat every 3 hours and never binge.
    • If you are eating out, ask the waiter to split your dish in half and pack way one half of it before he brings the dish to the table. Usually you will find yourself full after just eating the one half. The rest can be used later at home.
    • If you are having a particularly delightful meal for dinner, remind yourself that you can enjoy the leftovers the next day. So you don’t have to overeat.
    • Try to eat the healthier foods first. They tend to fill you up so that you don’t have a lot of space for the goodies in your tummy. This means having more of soups, salads, vegetables, fruit and cereals.
    • Eat a mini meal or snack full of carbs and protein around 1-2 hours before the main meal.

Although you should try not to overeat but if you do binge once in a while, try to forgive yourself. Overeating is bad but not so much that you lose your self esteem over it. This is a problem faced by many people and it can be worked upon. Keep that in mind, and you should be fine.

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