Long Distance Valentine's Day

By First Posted: Feb 26, 2008 Tue 8:33 PM Updated: Feb 26, 2008 Tue 8:34 PM
Long Distance Valentine's Day
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Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is only a few days away. Everyone has big plans for the special day! A romantic diner, a long drive, a walk on the beach…

But what if your love is miles away from you? How do you express your love to him on this special day? How do you celebrate your beautiful relationship? Should distance be a barrier in showing your affection on this day?

Of course not! Here’s how you can overcome all barriers.

Internet Zindabad!
Buy a nice gift for your love and get it delivered to his place. And, of course, don’t tell him about it. He will love the surprise! Don’t forget to choose, or better still, make an electronic greeting and send it to him!

Get creative
Create something for him… a card, a love letter, a poem, an illustration, a slip book, an album of memories… anything that tickles your imagination! And remember to post it at the right time! Find out the time it takes for the courier service to deliver and plan your courier accordingly so that it reached on time. Because if it reaches late or even early, it may spoil all the fun!

Sweet Messaging Service
Message him! Prepare a list of romantic SMSes for Valentine’s Day. It will make things more beautiful if you yourself create the messages … expressing your deepest feelings. Make sure he begins the V-day with a touching SMS from you, keeps getting something nice on his cell phone after every few hours and ends the day with something that will linger in his thoughts for the rest of the night!

Be it Valentine’s Day or any other, there is nothing in this world that can stop you from expressing your true feelings for your love. Just use your imagination… and distance wouldn’t bother you any more!

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