Boost Your Metabolism To Lose Weight (Part I)

By First Posted: Feb 24, 2008 Sun 8:13 PM
Boost Your Metabolism To Lose Weight (Part I)
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So you have tried all those weight loss recipes and tips. You even enrolled at the local gym. But what the heck! After the first two weeks of enthu exercising you lost all steam. Winter has set in and it is so difficult to get out of that warm rug. Let them exercise! Apun to Khayo Piyo Aish Karo!

Well despair not. Memsaab has something for you in your battle with weight loss. Here is a conversation we overheard from a weight loss expert and a person like you who is desperately trying to lose weight. Expert is for E and Y for you. Read on…

E: Have you heard of Metabolism?

Y: Kya Bola? Yeh Metabolism Kya Hota Hai Bhai? Zyada Dimaag Ka Dahi Mat Karo Yaar.

E: Well. In simple terms Metabolism is the rate at which we burn calories. This rate differs from person to person. That’s why even while your best friend hogs like there’s no tomorrow, sleeps like a horse and has never ever run to catch the bus, she never puts on an inch on her waist. She has a higher rate of metabolism while you have a slower metabolism. Your body burns calories or fat at a lesser rate.

Y: Oh I see. So basically this metabolism is at fault here. So how do I increase my rate of Metabolism?

E: Slow down. That we will talk about later. For now, you need to understand a little more about metabolism. There are certain factors that affect metabolism. Heredity, Age, Gender are some of the important factors that influence metabolism. Your genes determine whether you will have a higher rate of metabolism or lower. As you grow older, your metabolism tends to slow down and also, lucky males have a higher rate of metabolism than females.

Y: So how does this metabolism thing work?

E: Well. Metabolism can work for you as well as against you. Sugar forms the main source of our energy requirement. If you have high blood sugar, your body will start accumulating fat so that it can be used later. But when blood sugar is low, metabolism utilizes or rather burns the fat to create more energy. The key to maintain a high rate of metabolism is to Eat! Yes Eat. Eat small, regular meals. By crash dieting and starving our body, we do more harm to it than good. Our body is a very intelligent mechanism. On sensing that it is not getting enough energy from food, the body’s metabolism slows down. And when one returns to her normal diet, the blood sugar goes up and the metabolism will hoard all that extra glucose as fat in the body.

Y: Ah! Thanks for this. But I now need time to digest this. Else I will end up overeating. Thanks for this information. Catch you tomorrow to understand how to speed up our metabolism.

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