Look Slimmer in Seconds!

By First Posted: Feb 18, 2008 Mon 10:58 PM Updated: Feb 18, 2008 Mon 11:14 PM
Look Slimmer in Seconds!
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Adnan Sami miraculously lost a great deal of his flab and became unbelievably handsome! Kareena Kapoor, too, slimmed down for her popular number Its rocking and Shahrukh achieved the ‘zero fat’ level with his six-pack abs! And this all seemed to happen overnight!

But when it comes to us, nothing seems to happen even after days of sweating and sacrificing!

So what? You have other options to slim down… simply choose your clothes right! Clothes possess many tricks that can make you look AND feel thinner!

You can start with the following tips:

Dark is sexy!
It’s a sure shot way to thin down in seconds! If you feel you are bottom heavy, you can chose to wear a dark shade (preferably black) in your lowers, while flaunting your favourite light shade on the top!

Long = thin
If you can manage to look tall, it will help you look thin too! Apart from wearing your usual heels, show more of your neck! If your neck looks long it will make you look skinnier. Wear V-neck shirts or low-cut blouses to help make your neck appear thinner.

Avoid horizontal
A horizontal stripe runs all the way across your width making it easier for people to estimate your breadth and ‘bulk’! Wearing attires with horizontal stripes is the biggest mistake to make if you are anything but skinny!

On the contrary, if you choose vertical stripes you can get the slim and sexy look easily!

Don’t divide your figure!
Don’t wear layers and layers of colours in your dresses. They divide your body into short, fat sections. Wearing a single colour from top to bottom will make you look slimmer.

Hair Does the Trick Too
Hair hanging down your shoulders will only add to the bulk. So, tie them up to reveal your sexy neck. It will make you look tall and slim. Just what you want!

These five basic mantras can be mixed and matched to create a new look every time you dress up to look thin!

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