Shah Rukh Khan – The French Kisser

By First Posted: Feb 15, 2008 Fri 11:19 PM
Shah Rukh Khan – The French Kisser
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Did you know that the reigning superstar of Bollywood today, Shah Rukh Khan has never kissed on screen? Not because no actress is willing to be kissed by him, but because he has always refused to kiss any of his heroines. He feels awkward doing that and feels that his kids would cringe on seeing him do that.

But all that is going to change. Rumors have it that King Khan has agreed to kiss onscreen. And this is not going to be some ordinary kiss for he has said that he is very much enamored by ‘The French Kiss’. It is said that Shah Rukh Khan in his childhood days would secretly watch French and Hollywood movies where they had scenes of the lead actors indulging in French Kisses.

Khan has been very successful in romancing his lead heroines and emoting love scenes very convincingly with those soulful eyes of his. Just imagine how audiences would react on watching their favourite star doing a French Kiss. And we can only envy the lucky lady who will be Shah Rukh’s first onscreen kiss-mate.

Meanwhile Khan can get tips from Mr. Serial Kisser of Bollywood – Emraan Hashmi. What say Emraan? And maybe you can get tips on acting from SRK. The audiences benefit both ways, Right?

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