When Your Boss Is Irritating!

By First Posted: Feb 14, 2008 Thu 6:47 PM

Boss. The one person can make you life a living hell!

You boss may not be like a typical boss who tends to come late when you are early and early when you are late. He may not have the hobby of throwing papers across tables and shouting like a hungry gorilla. In short, he may not be a typical bossy boss. Yet, you may find him irritating!

But alas! Relatives and bosses are two things we can rarely choose (unless we decide to choose our life partner and jobs considering this factor!)

So, while your boss irritates and disappoints you, you can do a few things to make your work-life look a lot brighter!

Don’t Give a Damn!
Is your life being governed by your boss? Do his words or behaviour keep bugging you on your way back, while you are having dinner, while you are talking to your kids, while you are out for a party… practically all the time!

Stop living as if all your happiness were dependent on him! Who says you cannot enjoy your work even when your boss is a pain in the a**?

Broaden Your Mindset
Good and bad bosses are a part of every career. So, move beyond you boss and focus on your long term goals! Work, not for him but for your own satisfaction, experience and growth!

Sometimes, when you keep aside all the irritating aspects of your boss, you may realize that there is much that you can learn from him. In fact, you can often learn far more from an irritating boss than from a sweet one. Because, you learn best when you learn the hard way! Kick aside his irritating face and focus on what he said. It may be true, or something that you can consider working on!

Your life is only as bad as you perceive it to be. So, don’t let the fatso sitting inside the glass cabin suck away all the fun from your life!

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