Does Your Relationship Lack Communication?

By First Posted: Feb 13, 2008 Wed 7:00 PM Updated: Feb 13, 2008 Wed 7:06 PM

“Aur Batao?”

“Kya Batau?” “Tum batao?”

“Kya Batao?”

Does that sound familiar to you? Have you ever felt that you no longer have enough to talk about to you love?

Remember how you used to talk for hours at length without getting bored of those silly conversations? And there were always enough things to talk about! Then what happened? Why have all the topics suddenly disappeared into thin air?

You love him, and you know he loves you too! Only you don’t talk about it any more… or about anything else for that matter!

Communication is imperative to sustain a healthy relationship. If you feel there is a communication gap between you and your love, you need to revive the small talks that both of you used to make to each other.

Call him up!
Don’t just keep waiting for his call, forever. Give your ego a break and call him up if he hasn’t.

Gather Stories
Think of all that you have done in the day. Did something excite or disturb you? Tell him about it! He might not be able to sympathise with you or even understand the exact context, but you’ll talk. He will ask questions and you will answer!

Ask him about his day too. There maybe no point in learning about his work or colleagues, but listen to him anyway! Show interest in his stories. This will motivate him to talk to you a lot more!

Pay Attention
Look into his eyes when he is speaking to you. This is important because it makes him feel like you are really listening and connecting to him.

Express Love
The relationship is never too old or matured to find the ‘expression of love’ worthless. You can always tell him if you missed him while watching a certain movie, or ordering his favourite dish at the restaurant! Tell him how lucky you feel to have them in your life.

Is there something that you are expecting from him but haven’t ever told him? Tell him. I know we are supposed to understand each other’s needs in a true relationship… but guys, being guys, can be excused for this once in a while!

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