The Unlikeliest Couple – Shahid and Rozza

By First Posted: Feb 3, 2008 Sun 12:08 PM
The Unlikeliest Couple – Shahid and Rozza
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If one goes by media reports, then the latest couple to make it to the newsstands is our very own ‘Jab We Met’ Shahid and the hot firangi ex-flame of Saif – Rozza. People are talking about how Rozza walked into the coffee shop of a suburban five star hotel wherefrom she headed straight towards Shahid’s table. It seems the rendezvous was planned in advance, since she absolutely knew where Shahid was sitting. Both were spotted wearing black T-shirts. Is this some new kind of bonding, where you wear similar colors to show that you are with each other or something like that?

One must agree here though that the Shahid-Rozza pair is hotter and sexier. After all who wants to see the reed like Kareena whose face is now larger than her frame with a short but stout Saif? And it hasn’t been long either before Saif was discharged from the hospital for a suspected heart ailment.

Rozza is reportedly keeping tabs on Saif and thus this friendship with Shahid. In fact the meeting between the two as mentioned above has been confirmed by Rozza. She is looking for an apartment in Mumbai and is currently put up with a friend. By the way apna Shahid is now fast getting the reputation of being a Casanova. First it was Vidya (Balan), then Amrita (Rao) and now Rozza. Kyon Shahid, Kya Kareena Ke Jaane Ka Hi Intezaar Tha?

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