How to Get Sexy Legs

By First Posted: Jan 29, 2008 Tue 7:44 PM Updated: Jan 29, 2008 Tue 7:48 PM
How to Get Sexy Legs
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Wanna attract a guy? Wanna distract a guy?

Give him a glimpse of your legs peeping from the slit of your skirt!

Wanna kill him?

Simply flaunt a mini skirt.

For this, you need a pair of sexy legs… any woman can have sexy legs… all you need to do is keep your legs neat, waxed and toned! Here’s how you can get the killer legs…

Tone down

Before you pick up wax, creams and other cosmetics, get your legs in shape. Get-up, walk, jog, run, exercise…

If getting up early for a walk or jog seems too much of an effort, a simple way of doing so is to walk back home from work (or a manageable distance). Or park your vehicle at a place a little away from your workplace. This ‘to and fro’ walk will, over the days, help you get rid of the extra flab on your legs.

A free package with the toned legs will be a slimmer figure that you’ll earn from all the walking and jogging.

Clean up

Get rid of all the unwanted hair on your legs. Use the scrubber to get rid of the black heads and dead cells. Keep your legs, especially your feet moisturised. That will prevent them from chipping off.

Don’t shave them off! Shaving will only make your hair and skin more coarse and so-not-sexy! Instead, use an epilator to remove leg hair at regulator intervals, when there is not much growth.

Now, simply pick the right dress!
Now you can flaunt your legs proudly in a sexy dress. Pick up anything from a mini-skirt to a side slit gown and get used to the stares!

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