Sleeping Is Not That Easy!

By First Posted: Jan 23, 2008 Wed 5:54 PM Updated: Jan 23, 2008 Wed 5:56 PM
Sleeping Is Not That Easy!
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Sometimes it’s not easy to fall asleep. Sometimes, even after falling asleep early, you keep waking in the middle of the night! Sometimes even tiredness takes away all the sleep from you! Sometimes it’s not your age that is depriving you of sound sleep!

So many times, it’s the obvious things that we ignore… and end up having a disturbed sleep and a bad day ahead!

Make a little effort to get a good sleep!

Follow a schedule

This does not mean that you need to tie yourself up with a rigid daily routine! But your body clock cannot keep changing week after week. So at least follow a sleeping schedule! Set your time to go to bed (more-or-less) and to wake up. Don’t confuse your sleep by shifting your sleeping hours! It is human after all!

Don’t sleep empty or stuffed!

Let your body take proper rest while sleeping. Don’t force it to work on digesting your food while you are sleeping, or it will keep disturbing you! Therefore, you need to give your body at least 3 hours after dinner before going to sleep.

If you are hungry, your tummy will surely remind you of this fact while you are dozzing! So, don’t go to bed empty stomach either.

We sleep at night for a reason. Maintain that!

Switch off or at least dim all the lights. Give rest to your brain from constantly interpreting your eyes! Because even when your eye lids are shut, some light still passes through it!

Get comfortable!

Get a nice, comfortable pillow and mattress. Your tiredness does not guarantee that you will be able to sleep on any condition of the bed!

And finally, close your eyes!

They will not close automatically! So, don’t keep watching TV or staring at the ceiling, waiting for the sweet dreams to come and close your eyes!

If you still can't fall asleep for more than an hour after going to bed, get up and do something else until you feel sleepy. Lying in bed for a long time, thinking about ‘why am I not able to sleep’ will take you further away from your sleep!

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