Hate His Unshaven Look?

By First Posted: Jan 19, 2008 Sat 3:17 PM


Last week, my best friend came to me with a rather unusual problem, “No, not his ex-girlfriend, nor those disturbing thoughts about work, not even the distance between us! There is something else that has lately crept between me and my boyfriend! It’s his beard!”

So, your boyfriend thinks he is looking “hot”! Ok even you think that Abhishek (Apna Junior Bachchan ) looks really, really hot with the unshaven look, but that doesn’t apply to ALL the boys in the world! And especially not to HIM!!

Being the soft hearted, understanding woman that you are, you don’t even want to hurt his feelings by telling him ”For heaven’ sake, just get those thorns off your face!”

What can you do?

Compliment Him
No, not on his bearded look! Show him pictures of both of you together before he had grown his beard. Tell him how handsome is looks with is clean shaved face. You may even compare his looks to a celebrity… but of course someone who has always sported a clean shaven look!

Make Him Jealous
Take this trick a step further! Show interest in a celebrity who sports a clean shaven look. Exclaim aloud how much you love the XYZ guy in his smooth look, or how much you hate him in the unshaven one! (Don’t do that with Abhishek Bachchan! Your lie may shout out from your words and you may not sound natural! ;) Instead, choose a more genuine one like John Abraham or Shah Rukh Khan!)

Gift Him a Shave
Start gifting him little goodies in the form of high-end shaving products like rich shaving creams, designer aftershaves, super soft shaving brushes. He might use them out of his love for you or the brands!

When Hints Won’t Work!
If all the hints fail to work in one go, stop them. They will only lead to more disappointment. Because he has probably chosen to ignore all hints that anyone gives him! He is confident that this “look” suits him!

He needs to be told something else. A harsher reality! Tell him that his beard irritates you! Or that you don’t feel like coming close to him because it scratches your face!

Give Him an Ultimatum
Finally, when you simply cannot take it any more, give him an ultimatum. Take him to meet your parents or relatives. Tell him to come properly groomed or he may spoil his impression on them! This might finally motivate him to become human again, even if it happens unwillingly.

Once he has shaven, don’t forget to shower compliments on him to keep him from becoming “wild” again!

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