Tattoo Tips for First Timers

By First Posted: Jan 15, 2008 Tue 9:08 PM Updated: Jan 15, 2008 Tue 9:15 PM

Tattoos are cool but how cool can you stay while getting one?

Getting a tattoo is not a child’s play. Single colour or multihued, a tiny lettering or an intricate design, hidden or upfront on your body… there are thousands of options available. But if you are new to this, you may need a little more than a strong will power to get a permanent tattoo done!

Here’s a guide that will help you bear a thousand needles piercing through your body and take care of the hygiene factor.

Before the Tattoo

Go Completely Clean!

Take a shower, possibly immediately before you head for the tattoo parlour. Do not rub too much cologne or spray perfume on your body, especially around the area where you wish to get the tattoo. You would not want any foreign elements entering your body along with the tattoo ink, would you?

Also you cannot wet the tattoo for some time after getting it done so clean up before hand!

Don’t Go Empty!

Raise your energy metre before leaving for the parlour. Fill your tummy with energy rich foods and have lots of water. Sometimes when the pain becomes unbearable for the nerves, you tend to faint. So, treat yourself with a lavish meal! You may also drink or carry glucose with you.

Plan a Distraction!

To avoid the pain, take something along with you that will distract you during the tattooing process. You may carry music in an ipod or Discman; or bring an engrossing novel or your favourite magazine with you to divert your mind from the pain.

Don’t Drink!

This will not help you overcome the pain! Instead, it may cause further problems in the tattooing process! Alcohol thins the blood and thinner blood bleeds easier and takes longer to heal! Planning for some other distraction is definitely a better idea!

Once you are physically as well as mentally prepared to get the cool art done on your body, tattooing will be a much more pleasurable experience!

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