When Parties and Overeating Go Hand in Hand!

By First Posted: Jan 12, 2008 Sat 7:37 PM Updated: Jan 12, 2008 Sat 8:51 PM
When Parties and Overeating Go Hand in Hand!
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The year end celebrations are round the corner and every one is hosting dinner parties, one after the other, to welcome the New Year! And in this party season, amongst all the fun, frolic and lavish dinners, “overeating” becomes a genuine problem!

Whether you consider it a helpless act or a disorder, the fact is that overeating is a ‘problem’ that demands a solution. On usual days you are in a habit of eating a fixed amount according to your tummy’s capacity. Thus, you are able to monitor your intake. But at a dinner party all monitoring goes down the drain and all you can see is delicious dishes around you!

It is not long before you realise that your tummy is stuffed and you feel so sick that you can’t even give a genuine smile while saying ‘Goodbye’ to the host!

If this happens to you frequently, it needs to be taken seriously. When you are young, you might not face any real problem... except, while saying the ‘goodbye’! But as you grow old, the problem grows too and may give rise to stomach-problems. And you may suddenly realise that your body simply refuses to digest too heavy a diet over one night!

It is always better to have little at regular intervals than to stuff yourself in one go! So, have some snacks and a glass of water before leaving for the party. It will prevent you from jumping onto the food as soon as the dinner is laid.

Resolve to eat healthy at the dinner. This means that you will not hog everything that is served to you! You will choose your dishes, which will greatly reduce your random intake.

Stop focusing on food! Dinner is about meeting people and making new friends! During the party, involve yourself elsewhere and you will think less about ‘what is the next delicious thing I should try!’ Strike a conversation with new acquaintances; they might just turn out to be more rewarding than the delicacies, leading to your next job promotion or beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Finally, keep a check on your alcohol consumption. It clouds your judgment about the amount of food you are consuming and you end up stuffing more than your tummy’s capacity!

Putting a full stop to overeating only requires some will power. Unfortunately, most of us tend to go to a party to enjoy, leaving all our will powers at home!

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