Rakhi Sawant's Cry to Mumbai Police

By First Posted: Jan 11, 2008 Fri 4:38 PM Updated: Jan 11, 2008 Fri 4:47 PM

Rakhi Sawant has given birth to yet another controversy! Her depression of loosing at Nach Baliye has turned into an agitation against Star Plus!

The actress has alleged Star Plus for foully manipulating the results and has filed a complaint against the channel with Mumbai Police's Crime Branch! And the Police is all set to investigate into this matter!

She is not alone on this mission. Her gym instructor turned boyfriend, Abhishek Awasthi, is supporting her, like always! In fact, the two have submitted a joint written complaint, alleging malpractices by the channel. They feel that the channel has tampered with the SMS votes, indulging in software manipulation!

Though the complaint has been accepted by the police, it has not been registered yet. A police team is to investigate into all aspects of the matter before deciding if it even requires any further proceedings, leave alone a formal police case!

To add to the hot controversy, she has also been making several accusations against Star Plus in front of Media.

She calls this a “cyber crime” and even warns the police that if they do not take any action now, such frauds will take over the cyber space!

Rakhi has always been known for overdoing the drama on the sets of Nach Baliye! She used to become overexcited when the judges appreciated her and received criticism with overflowing emotions! At the grand finale, when she lost to TV actress Sanjeeda Shaikh and her partner Aamir Ali, she began howling and walked off the stage with her boyfriend!

The channel, on the other hand has denied all allegations saying that this is just another publicity stunt (like you didn’t know already)! According to the Star Plus team, all accusations are hollow and that Rakhi and Abhishek will have to apologise for this defaming act!

Rakhi could not win the competition on the channel. Now let’s see whether she can win this war against the channel!

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