Shah Rukh's Kids Love Christmas Too!

By First Posted: Jan 8, 2008 Tue 5:02 PM Updated: Jan 9, 2008 Wed 11:06 AM

Merry Christmas to you!

Christmas is no more just a Christian festival. It has become an international celebration cutting across all religious boundaries. Millions of kids, irrespective of the country they are residing in wait for Santa Claus on the Christmas eve and hope their wishes will come true! Shah Rukh’s kids are no different! They too love celebrating Christmas!

But what is more interesting is the fact that it is not just Christmas that is celebrated with such extravaganza at Mannat! Shahrukh Khan is a Muslim but celebrates all festivals including Diwali and Christmas, along with Eid every year. He even keeps a Lakshmi Poojan every year at his office as well as home.

Together, Shah Rukh and wife, Gauri have created an atmosphere of a sacred place at Mannat – SRK's Bungalow, where all the deities co-exist! Both the children, Aryan and Suhana have been taught to respect Ganpati and Allah alike. In fact when Shah Rukh was having a critical neck surgery, his elder son Aryan went to the temple and said an Islamic prayer so that his father could get well soon!

One of the reasons why Shah Rukh bought Mannat was that he wanted to have an exclusive prayer room. Shah Rukh says that if he were broke, he would sell everything except Mannat!

As for the kids, of all the festivals that Shah Rukh celebrates, they love Christmas the most. And why not, Christmas is about gifts and lots of fun for kids! They even have a Christmas tree at home which they decorate every year to welcome their Santa Uncle!

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