Christmas Celebrations: How You Can Have Fun

By First Posted: Jan 8, 2008 Tue 1:28 AM Updated: Jan 8, 2008 Tue 1:31 AM
Christmas Celebrations: How You Can Have Fun
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Christmas is not restricted to Christians any more. Everyone, no matter which religion they follow, wants to have a slice of the “Christmas pie”. Everyone wants to join in for the festivity and the celebration. Christmas is such a “fun and merrymaking” kind of festival that nobody can resist its charms. And it is also so beautifully located on the calendar. It falls right in the middle of the winter season, when everything is so beautiful and enjoyable. And last but not the least, it’s also holiday time!

Here are a few ideas on how you can join in the celebrations and bring to your home the festive spirit…

• Start with Christmas Greeting Cards. Archies and Hallmark are there, of course. But the real fun is in making your own greeting cards and sending them out. This can be a fun activity to occupy the kids and also an outlet for your own creativity.

• Next on the agenda should be getting Christmas Presents for all your loved ones. You would be the best judge as to what to get for whom. But once again, making your own gifts is a great idea. It will not only save you a lot of money, but will also get you much more appreciation in return. Hand made photo frames, hand made craft items, home made chocolate, home made candles etc are great ideas. Wrap up your gifts in colorful wrapping paper and you are all set!

• Decoration time, ladies! Hang out your Christmas Lights & Decorations all over the house, the garden, the shrubs etc. Light up your house with lots of decorative lights and hang some bells too. If you can get your hands on some mistletoe, hang it in a doorway. This is the spot where if you find yourself standing with a guy, you are supposed to kiss him!!!

• Now it’s time for some merry making! First of all, get a live/artificial Christmas Tree. Decorate the tree with decorative stars, lights, bells, small gift boxes and a lot of glittery paper and ribbons. This is a lot of fun for the kids.

• No Christmas is complete without a proper Christmas Cake. Scout online for that perfect recipe. A Christmas cake with rum and raisins is a definite ‘must do’ for this festival.

• On the Christmas eve, keep out some socks for Santa to place the gifts in. Next morning, surprise your kids with gifts from Santa. It could also be a lot of fun if someone could dress up as Santa. The kids would surely have a blast!

• Play Christmas Music in your house and sing some Christmas Carols along with your family. Serve a huge feast for the family and close friends.

• Remember, Christmas is all about giving and sharing. This is a great day for some Charity.

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