Gift Him a Romantic Get Away!

By First Posted: Jan 4, 2008 Fri 10:26 AM Updated: Jan 4, 2008 Fri 10:28 AM

Thinking for a gift for your love? What can be a better gift to him than a romantic get away? Give him some beautiful moments that he can cherish forever!

But it is he who always plans a trip for both of you, isn’t it? Then give him the big surprise!

Plan a long weekend to a place where you can spend some valuable time together… a romantic place that will rekindle the spark of your love!

You need not go very far away. It may be a nearby resort or to the closest hill station. Pick up a travel guide or make a call to a travel agent.

Think of all that you can do together and plan something new and exciting for every moment of your stay.

Here are some sizzling ideas to celebrate your love…

Suit your convenience
A “get away” doesn’t necessarily have to include too much of exertion and adventure. Plan a relaxation. Look for convenience and comfort. Don’t squeeze in as many neighbouring places as possible in your trip. Chose a place where you can spend a few days relaxing and spending quality time with each other.

Get some privacy
Sometimes privacy is all you need to bring back some beautiful moments in your life! Plan a weekend where no one can disturb you. Leave alone your cell phone for a change and let your relatives know that you are very busy for the next few days. Find a secluded cottage or resort and cuddle up together!

Have some fun
If he is more of an adventurous kind, plan an exciting adventure trip! Go trekking or pack your bags for camping! And don’t forget to pack your camera… an expedition full of love is surely going to be a very memorable one!

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